Judy Webby Photography


Over the last 30 years of photographing I have seen weddings ceremonies and dresses change, but the wedding day brief to capture the joy and the unique moments of the Bride and Groom's day has not. I work in a documentary style, capturing events as the day unfolds but still understand the need to take care to pose the special shots, such as the Bride and Groom together, the wedding party and the family groups. My experience means that I can achieve this quickly so you can get back to your guests as soon as possible.

As the Photographer is the only service provider that stays with you the whole day, it is important that we meet to develop the rapport necessary to create beautiful photos together. During this no obligation meeting you can tell me how you want your day recorded and the special people you want included in the photographs. Based on this information I will give you an estimate of the time required so your caterer knows exactly when we will be returning.

I have many packages available, the most popular is a no-frills package which is time only and the digital images supplied on a disc for you to arrange your own printing. However if you want a complete album I can create that for you. Use the form on the contact us page to check that your day is available and to request more information